Shopping for cloths for a newborn is a certainly a fun activity. There are tons of adorable deigns that will make anyone gush over. This often happens with people who just heard the news of a birth in their close circle. As soon as the news is on, people rush out to buy cloths as gifts for the newborn.

Cloths are preferred over other types of gifts because they are pretty to look at and very practical. There could never be enough cloths for a newborn. Given the fact that a baby does nothing but eats sleeps and poops during the first six months, it is no wonder that parents need a seemingly unlimited supply of cloths.

Another great reason of gifting cloths is the fact that these cloths could be bought in any color and design. This greatly helps the all-important matter of matching the theme of the baby shower.

However, no all design and styles are appropriate for a newborn. This is one mistake that many inexperienced people make and the result is a pile of cloths that parents have no use of. This is a common issue that new parents face. In many cases, people often donate new cloths to charity or as hand-me-downs because of the simple fact that the cloths are in a style or design that is inappropriate for the newborn.

A common gift is a super hero or fairy princess costume. Almost every baby shop has a prominent display of these costumes that offer a wide variety in both designs and prices. It is easy to imagine a newborn in one of these costumes. However, experts strongly recommend against these costumes because of two reasons.

The first is the design of the costumes that could include capes, caps, frills and related decorations. A newborn, particularly in the forts three months is a very delicate creature. The baby has no real control over any aspect of their body. In particular, the body temperature control mechanism being developed. Thus, the parents need to follow a layered clothing system that could ensure proper protection for the baby 

The second is the possibility of injury because of the contraction of the costumes. Many costumes use elastic bands, zippers and fasters with metal protrusion. These elements could seriously hurt the baby and in worse cases initiate internal bleeding. The cape and the facemasks are two very real strangulation hazards hat could smother the baby. Since the baby could not remove the obstruction itself, the choking could start almost immediately.

In many cases, the problem lies not with the style but with the fabric of the cloths. Synthetic fabric is a huge no-no for newborns. Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and the sweat generated could make eth baby very uncomfortable. Many experts think that synthetics are a leading cause of skin problems that many newborns suffer during the early months. The only fabric during the initial months is organic cotton that is lightweight and breathable.