Ask any new parents and they would tell you that cloths are one thing that they could not have enough of at any time. It seems that babies, particularly newborns have an innate capacity of soiling every outfit that they are put in.

Many experts recommend that a plastic hamper or pail should be placed in the room for storing soiled baby cloths. This will isolate these cloths from rest of the germs in the room.

People shopping for newborn cloths often find themselves in a dilemma. Every outfit is attractive enough and it is easy to imagine the bay looking cute as a bug. The colors and designs could positively keep a person in the store for hours. In nay cases, people have been known to spend hundred of dollars on baby cloths and products in a single go.

However, baby cloths need to be practical. This is particularly true for newborns that require special attention during the first six months. The cloths should be easy to put on and remove so that the parents and the baby do not have to suffer every time the baby soils the cloths.

The design of the cloths should be simple enough to ensure the comfort of the baby. Newborns lack the ability to modulate their body temperature. This means that the baby could get hot or cold very quickly because of the lack of working sweat glands and the absence or presence of layers of baby fat. This is why newborns have to be dressed in layers. This is one reason why parents particularly welcome simple garments that could be used I the layering system. Several popular styles have remained popular because of their ability to keep the baby comfortable at all times.


Onesies are the go-to garments for the first six months of any newborn. The simple construction of these garments means that they are very easy on both the baby and the parents. The most popular style is one piece Onesies that button on the crotch. This allows the parents to change diapers without having to pull off the entire garment. However since Onesies are so close to the diaper, it is inevitable that they will be soiled every time the diaper leaks. Hence, a good stack of Onesies is the perfect gift for the newborn.

Footed rompers are other one-piece suits that remain popular for a good reason. These suits form an excellent uppermost layer for the newborn. These garments are available in a huge variety of design and construction. The popular designs are long sleeved that completely enclose the baby leaving only the head bare.

Combined with Onesies, these rompers allow parents to quickly respond to the changes in the body temperature of the baby. Many parents in cold weather use a three-layer approach. The basic layer is a cotton undershirt that is covered by one or more Onesies. The final piece of the outfit is a romper that could be long sleeved or shorts sleeved depending upon the weather.