A gift basket used to be the traditional gift at baby shower just a few decades ago. It was considered a lovely present that was beautiful to look at and was immensely practical at the same time. However, the pressures op modern life soon ended the trend. However, there has been resurgence in the popularity of gift hampers and baskets.

The idea behind a gift basket is to get the new parents all the things they would need to take care of the baby. In many cases, the idea is to present the basket as a gift to parents with a thoughtful inclusion of a few things for the baby. Either way, a basket is a wonderful idea that allows a lot of room to the person preparing the gift.

One of the things that have rather spoiled the trend is the presence of prepared baskets by several vendors. These are available in all gift stores, baby shops and through the multitude of websites. Although there is nothing wrong in buying, a basket for a newborn, tradition dictates that the basket should e assembled by hand. However, it is understandable that the pressure of modern life usually does not allow such luxuries. In many cases, a middle ground offers a compromise. A number of vendors offer to personalize the baskets with custom embroidery and stitched on labels.

Going the green way is one of the best options for a gift basket. Opting for these products sends a strong message to the parents and family that the addition of the newest member should betaken as a blessing and that it is time to celebrate the occasion with being kind to mother earth.

The basket itself should be made of organic material. A number of woven baskets are available fro specialty craft shops. The material ranges from grass to willow. For a traditional look, opt for a hand crafted woven willow basket. Use a broad check cloth for lining the basket.


The cloths should be made of organic untreated cotton. This is the gentlest material for a newborn’s delicate skin. In many cases, these cloths are slightly more expensive than treated cotton. However, the high price is justified by the safety the material offers to the child. Make sure that there are at least a dozen undershirts and onesies in the basket.

Next, include organic baby care products such as shampoo and creams. These products are available at all baby shops. Some people try to go DIY and make their own products. While it is nice to use these products, when it comes to children, it is important that the products should be purchased from reliable manufacturers.

An important and welcome addition is the inclusion of reusable diapers. These washable diapers provide suitably long service and, if treated properly, could even minimize the possibility of infection.

A gift basket is a wonderful starting kit that signifies great joy and happiness at the latest addition to the family.