Whether you are attending a baby shower, buying items for your own child or simply want to get something special for a pregnant friend, personalized baby gifts are the ideal choice.  An engraved or personalized baby gift is something that a child can keep his whole life and something that parents can treasure to remind them of the time their son or daughter was an infant.

There are a lot of different options that you can select when shopping for a personalized baby gift. Be sure to shop around and choose a present that reflects your feeling for the parents and the child and that is something special just for you.

Options for a Personalized Baby Gift

When you are shopping for a baby gift, decide first whether you want it to be something that is primarily practical and useful to mother and baby or whether you would prefer that it serve a decorative or sentimental purpose that lasts far beyond the years when the infant is young.

Some of the different options for personalized, practical gifts that you can buy for a new baby include:

• Crib blankets: A child needs a comfortable blanket and bedding to line the crib and to cozy up to.
• Play mats: young children spend a lot of time playing, sitting or laying on the floor. You want to have a soft and safe surface for baby, and personalized play mats provide that type of surface.
• Sweaters or hats: Sweaters or hats are a perfect gift when a baby lives in a climate that gets chilly. Your gift can help to keep baby warm on the cooler days.
• Plush toys: Every kid has their favorite plush toy that they keep from when they are a baby and that provides them with comfort and joy throughout their childhood. If you purchase a stuffed animal or other plush toy, the gift that you give could be the toy that the baby keeps throughout his or her life.
• Hooded towels: When baby gets out of bath, a hooded towel can keep him or her warm and cozy while the baby gets dried off.

Some of the baby gifts that you can purchase that will serve a decorative or a sentimental purpose include:

• Baby quilts: While quilts can be practical, they can also be extremely beautiful and can make a nursery look special. A custom-designed or personalized quilt is something that baby can keep throughout his or her life and perhaps some day hand down to her own children.
• Baby books or baby bookends: Books are a practical gift, while bookends can allow the books to be beautifully displayed in a nursery so it is easy for parents and kids to find their favorite book that they love to read night after night.
• Baby books: Baby books are truly special. A child whose parents keep a baby book will forever be able to look back at the baby book and enjoy the special memories of family that it provides.

These are some of the many wonderful choices that you can pick from when you decide on what items to buy for your baby or for the baby of a friend or family member.