In a word, YES!

Baby hooded towels are a much discussed item of baby care.  Discussion forums and blogs are filled with the pros and cons of using hooded towels for newborns and toddlers.
The two opposing camps have their arguments and they defend these arguments well. However, strictly from the viewpoint of parents, particularly parents of newborn babies, hooded towels is not just a luxury item that could be ignored or substituted with some other product.

What is a Hooded Towel?

A hooded towel is just that; a towel with a hood for your baby. Hooded towels are available in myriad of designs. Baby hooded towels have become the ultimate in expressing the creative spirit of the designers. From Santa Claus to Spiderman to bold stripes, there is a hooded towel design to match your baby’s mood.

Baby hooded towels are primarily used as bath towels for babies and toddlers. As long as the baby is in the water, the body is conditioned to the temperature of the water. However, as soon as the baby is taken out, the surrounding temperature begins to affect the baby. Thus it is important to immediately swaddle the baby in a warm, cozy and comfy towel to dry off.

Wouldn’t an ordinary bath towel suffice?

The answer is NO; for two reasons.

The first and the most important reason is the hood part of baby hooded towels. A custom designed hood protects the most sensitive part of the baby’s anatomy, the head, from both excessive moisture and changes in temperature. It comfortably envelops the head and makes sure that the cranium, neck and ears dry off fast.

The second reason is the ease of use of the wide part of the baby hooded towels. They are just the right size quickly wrapping the baby into a protective shell. This is a particularly important convenience that large adult size bath towel just could not provide. An adult size bath towel is too large and ungainly to be used for newborns or even toddlers for that matter.

The material of baby hooded towels matters!

An essential difference that makes hooded towels a necessity for newborns and toddlers is the material out of which they are manufactured. Parents understand that newborns have very sensitive skin that require a lot of attention and care.
The top quality baby hooded towels are made out of heavyweight terrycloth that offers the best mix of softness and quick absorbing of moisture. In contrast, bath towels for adults are usually made out of cottonterry of much lighter weight. This alone disqualifies their use for baby care. In addition, loose ends, broken fibers and rough borders could cause rash in newborns.

Hooded towels for babies are not just decoration pieces providing a cute photo op for parents. They are an essential item of baby care that provides protection and comfort to the baby. Always buy top quality baby hooded towels from reputable stores for maximum comfort for your kid.