First and foremost, crib blankets are comfort objects that provide psychological comfort to the newborn and toddlers. The feeling of comfort is essential for day-to-day wellbeing of the child and I now considered an important factor in psychological growth of the newborn.
For parents interested in DIY baby care items, crib blankets are a great opportunity for creative experiments in quilt making. Sure, a store bought crib blanket offers great convenience but nothing could beat the satisfaction of stitching together a war and lovely blanket for your little precious.

Because of their daily use and the security they give to the newborns, crib blankets are a popular baby gift item. Many baby care supplies vendors offer crib blankets in a huge variety of colors and designs.
What exactly is a Crib Blanket?

A crib blanket is the blanket that the baby sleeps in. It is different from other similar items because of its weight and size. Crib blankets are made out of heavier stuff and are sized to fit in a standard crib.
The most common size of a crib blanket is 36”x52”. However, different brands have their own sizes and it is not unusual to see blankets in 36”x54” and 36”x45”.
How to properly use a Crib Blanket

Many first time parents assume that a crib blanket for a newborn could be used exactly like an adult’s blanket. They make two critical mistakes that makes the newborns and toddlers uncomfortable and result in grumpy babies suffering from lack of sleep.

The first mistake is made at the store. Some stores sell crib blankets that look very attractive with cute buttons ad ribbon bows on the corners. These blankets look very pretty and first time parents often fall for their cuteness.
Anybody who has spent time with newborns and toddlers will tell you how curious they are. Soon they start picking at the buttons and ribbons and in no time, the whole design is gone.  In addition, ribbons and bows often get caught at the corners of the crib and could trigger SIDS.

The second mistake that first time parents make is during the use of crib blankets. Here is the proper step-by-step way of using the crib blanket properly.

• First of all ensure that the mattress is properly seated in the crib. This is very important as crib blankets are usually sized to just fit inside the crib.
• Cover the mattress with a crib sheet. Tuck the corners under the mattress so that the sheet fits snugly over the mattress.
• Put the baby on their back.
• Stretch out the crib blanket over the baby. Make sure that the hands of the baby are outside the blanket
• Finally, tuck the sides of the blanket between the crib and the mattress.
Care of the Crib Blankets

Like every other item for newborns, crib blankets require special attention. Wash crib blankets separately from the rest of the laundry. Use a baby safe detergent for the load and tumble dry on low heat.

Crib blankets make an excellent gift for newborns. Buy a good quality one to last through the first three years of the child.