A personalized Gift basket for the Newborn

A gift basket used to be the traditional gift at baby shower just a few decades ago. It was considered a lovely present that was beautiful to look at and was immensely practical at the same time. However, the pressures op modern life soon ended the trend. However, there has been resurgence in the popularity of gift hampers and baskets.

The idea behind a gift basket is to get the new parents all the things they would need to take care of the baby. In many cases, the idea is to present the basket as a gift to parents with a thoughtful inclusion of a few things for the baby. Either way, a basket is a wonderful idea that allows a lot of room to the person preparing the gift.

One of the things that have rather spoiled the trend is the presence of prepared baskets by several vendors. These are available in all gift stores, baby shops and through the multitude of websites. Although there is nothing wrong in buying, a basket for a newborn, tradition dictates that the basket should e assembled by hand. However, it is understandable that the pressure of modern life usually does not allow such luxuries. In many cases, a middle ground offers a compromise. A number of vendors offer to personalize the baskets with custom embroidery and stitched on labels.

Going the green way is one of the best options for a gift basket. Opting for these products sends a strong message to the parents and family that the addition of the newest member should betaken as a blessing and that it is time to celebrate the occasion with being kind to mother earth.

The basket itself should be made of organic material. A number of woven baskets are available fro specialty craft shops. The material ranges from grass to willow. For a traditional look, opt for a hand crafted woven willow basket. Use a broad check cloth for lining the basket.


The cloths should be made of organic untreated cotton. This is the gentlest material for a newborn’s delicate skin. In many cases, these cloths are slightly more expensive than treated cotton. However, the high price is justified by the safety the material offers to the child. Make sure that there are at least a dozen undershirts and onesies in the basket.

Next, include organic baby care products such as shampoo and creams. These products are available at all baby shops. Some people try to go DIY and make their own products. While it is nice to use these products, when it comes to children, it is important that the products should be purchased from reliable manufacturers.

An important and welcome addition is the inclusion of reusable diapers. These washable diapers provide suitably long service and, if treated properly, could even minimize the possibility of infection.

A gift basket is a wonderful starting kit that signifies great joy and happiness at the latest addition to the family.


Gift ideas for newborn cloths



Ask any new parents and they would tell you that cloths are one thing that they could not have enough of at any time. It seems that babies, particularly newborns have an innate capacity of soiling every outfit that they are put in.

Many experts recommend that a plastic hamper or pail should be placed in the room for storing soiled baby cloths. This will isolate these cloths from rest of the germs in the room.

People shopping for newborn cloths often find themselves in a dilemma. Every outfit is attractive enough and it is easy to imagine the bay looking cute as a bug. The colors and designs could positively keep a person in the store for hours. In nay cases, people have been known to spend hundred of dollars on baby cloths and products in a single go.

However, baby cloths need to be practical. This is particularly true for newborns that require special attention during the first six months. The cloths should be easy to put on and remove so that the parents and the baby do not have to suffer every time the baby soils the cloths.

The design of the cloths should be simple enough to ensure the comfort of the baby. Newborns lack the ability to modulate their body temperature. This means that the baby could get hot or cold very quickly because of the lack of working sweat glands and the absence or presence of layers of baby fat. This is why newborns have to be dressed in layers. This is one reason why parents particularly welcome simple garments that could be used I the layering system. Several popular styles have remained popular because of their ability to keep the baby comfortable at all times.


Onesies are the go-to garments for the first six months of any newborn. The simple construction of these garments means that they are very easy on both the baby and the parents. The most popular style is one piece Onesies that button on the crotch. This allows the parents to change diapers without having to pull off the entire garment. However since Onesies are so close to the diaper, it is inevitable that they will be soiled every time the diaper leaks. Hence, a good stack of Onesies is the perfect gift for the newborn.

Footed rompers are other one-piece suits that remain popular for a good reason. These suits form an excellent uppermost layer for the newborn. These garments are available in a huge variety of design and construction. The popular designs are long sleeved that completely enclose the baby leaving only the head bare.

Combined with Onesies, these rompers allow parents to quickly respond to the changes in the body temperature of the baby. Many parents in cold weather use a three-layer approach. The basic layer is a cotton undershirt that is covered by one or more Onesies. The final piece of the outfit is a romper that could be long sleeved or shorts sleeved depending upon the weather.

New Born baby Cloths- some precautions.

Shopping for cloths for a newborn is a certainly a fun activity. There are tons of adorable deigns that will make anyone gush over. This often happens with people who just heard the news of a birth in their close circle. As soon as the news is on, people rush out to buy cloths as gifts for the newborn.

Cloths are preferred over other types of gifts because they are pretty to look at and very practical. There could never be enough cloths for a newborn. Given the fact that a baby does nothing but eats sleeps and poops during the first six months, it is no wonder that parents need a seemingly unlimited supply of cloths.

Another great reason of gifting cloths is the fact that these cloths could be bought in any color and design. This greatly helps the all-important matter of matching the theme of the baby shower.

However, no all design and styles are appropriate for a newborn. This is one mistake that many inexperienced people make and the result is a pile of cloths that parents have no use of. This is a common issue that new parents face. In many cases, people often donate new cloths to charity or as hand-me-downs because of the simple fact that the cloths are in a style or design that is inappropriate for the newborn.

A common gift is a super hero or fairy princess costume. Almost every baby shop has a prominent display of these costumes that offer a wide variety in both designs and prices. It is easy to imagine a newborn in one of these costumes. However, experts strongly recommend against these costumes because of two reasons.

The first is the design of the costumes that could include capes, caps, frills and related decorations. A newborn, particularly in the forts three months is a very delicate creature. The baby has no real control over any aspect of their body. In particular, the body temperature control mechanism being developed. Thus, the parents need to follow a layered clothing system that could ensure proper protection for the baby 

The second is the possibility of injury because of the contraction of the costumes. Many costumes use elastic bands, zippers and fasters with metal protrusion. These elements could seriously hurt the baby and in worse cases initiate internal bleeding. The cape and the facemasks are two very real strangulation hazards hat could smother the baby. Since the baby could not remove the obstruction itself, the choking could start almost immediately.

In many cases, the problem lies not with the style but with the fabric of the cloths. Synthetic fabric is a huge no-no for newborns. Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and the sweat generated could make eth baby very uncomfortable. Many experts think that synthetics are a leading cause of skin problems that many newborns suffer during the early months. The only fabric during the initial months is organic cotton that is lightweight and breathable.

How to wash the baby’s cloths?

As many new parents discover, a baby means a significant increase in the laundry load. It is often hard to believe that a baby so small could produce so much dirty laundry.  In many cases, the cloths are stained heavily from everything from baby formula to spilled medications.

Babies, especially newborns have very sensitive skin. Over a period is six months, the skin gets used to all the friction, dirt and germs that it is exposed to on daily basis. In many cases, babies often develop a reaction that appears in the form f rashes or small pimples. This is quite normal and often goes away after six months. However, one thing that could worsen the situation is the mistake that many parents make.

New cloths bought from a store are often packed in elastic and appear to very clean. Many people just tear open the package and use the cloths. These cloths carry residue of processing chemicals and overtime absorb chemicals from the packaging. The result is the fact that these cloths are not as clean as they look. The chemicals on these cloths, while harmless to adults are enough to damage the delicate and growing skin of the babies.

Experts recommend that all cloths regardless of where you have bought them should be washed to remove the residue. This is one of the most important cloths related tips that could significantly ease the life of parents.

The laundry load of the baby should be separate from the regular load of the house. This is important so that the baby’s cloths might not absorb chemicals and germs from the cloths worn by other members of the family. Our cloths are covered with germs collected during our movements throughout the day. Overtime, we have developed immunity to these germs and hence could wear the cloths without getting sick. However, the baby has no such defenses and could develop a condition as a result if exposure to the germs. Hence, in order to protect the baby, the laundry loads should be kept separate.

Ideally, these should a basket for soiled cloths. May parents just dump the soiled cloths on the floor. This could be dangerous because of the very real possibility of contamination with germs. The basket keeps the soiled cloths in one isolated and easy to manage place. There is no need for spending too much money on the basket. Any dollar store plastic container larger enough to hold a day’s load is all right. For small items such as socks and gloves, a mesh bag is great way of keeping everything together. You cold toss the mesh bag in the machine for washing and drying. This ensures that the baby has matching socks at all times. However, remember to use a clean bag everyday.

Label instructions are one of the most ignored advices in the world. However, parents could not afford to do so in the case of the baby’s cloths. One of the important examples is the baby’s sleepwear. Top rated brands produce fire retardant sleepwear that provides a level of safety to the baby. The chemicals used in coating these sleepwear are easily damaged by bleach and related chemicals. This is just one example of how ignoring label instructions could actually harm the baby.

First time parents often spend a lot of money of special baby safe detergents. Even some experts advise against using common detergents for baby’s cloths for the fear that it might cause irritation or adverse reaction. However, it is generally safe to use common detergent for washing baby’s cloths. If the baby has no allergies to the ingredients of the detergents, it is safe to use the product. For babies with sensitive skins, it is probably a better idea to opt for a baby safe detergent for the first six months and then gradually ease out the use over the next few months.

A significant part of a baby’s laundry load is cloth diapers. It is very important that diapers should be kept separate from the rest of the load. The good practice is to rinse the soiled diapers immediately. This will remove the waste and prolong the useful life of the diapers. Once rinsed, the diaper should be stored in a separate pail. This will protect the rest of the cloths from infection. Many people install a high-pressure diaper sprayer in toilets. This is a handheld spray that produces a powerful jet of water to blast away the waste.

A baby’s laundry requires more attention then the rest of the household’s load. However, this will save parents from many issues later on.

What Options Do I Have for a Personalized Baby Gift?


Whether you are attending a baby shower, buying items for your own child or simply want to get something special for a pregnant friend, personalized baby gifts are the ideal choice.  An engraved or personalized baby gift is something that a child can keep his whole life and something that parents can treasure to remind them of the time their son or daughter was an infant.

There are a lot of different options that you can select when shopping for a personalized baby gift. Be sure to shop around and choose a present that reflects your feeling for the parents and the child and that is something special just for you.

Options for a Personalized Baby Gift

When you are shopping for a baby gift, decide first whether you want it to be something that is primarily practical and useful to mother and baby or whether you would prefer that it serve a decorative or sentimental purpose that lasts far beyond the years when the infant is young.

Some of the different options for personalized, practical gifts that you can buy for a new baby include:

• Crib blankets: A child needs a comfortable blanket and bedding to line the crib and to cozy up to.
• Play mats: young children spend a lot of time playing, sitting or laying on the floor. You want to have a soft and safe surface for baby, and personalized play mats provide that type of surface.
• Sweaters or hats: Sweaters or hats are a perfect gift when a baby lives in a climate that gets chilly. Your gift can help to keep baby warm on the cooler days.
• Plush toys: Every kid has their favorite plush toy that they keep from when they are a baby and that provides them with comfort and joy throughout their childhood. If you purchase a stuffed animal or other plush toy, the gift that you give could be the toy that the baby keeps throughout his or her life.
• Hooded towels: When baby gets out of bath, a hooded towel can keep him or her warm and cozy while the baby gets dried off.

Some of the baby gifts that you can purchase that will serve a decorative or a sentimental purpose include:

• Baby quilts: While quilts can be practical, they can also be extremely beautiful and can make a nursery look special. A custom-designed or personalized quilt is something that baby can keep throughout his or her life and perhaps some day hand down to her own children.
• Baby books or baby bookends: Books are a practical gift, while bookends can allow the books to be beautifully displayed in a nursery so it is easy for parents and kids to find their favorite book that they love to read night after night.
• Baby books: Baby books are truly special. A child whose parents keep a baby book will forever be able to look back at the baby book and enjoy the special memories of family that it provides.

These are some of the many wonderful choices that you can pick from when you decide on what items to buy for your baby or for the baby of a friend or family member.

Do You Really Need Baby Hooded Towels?


In a word, YES!

Baby hooded towels are a much discussed item of baby care.  Discussion forums and blogs are filled with the pros and cons of using hooded towels for newborns and toddlers.
The two opposing camps have their arguments and they defend these arguments well. However, strictly from the viewpoint of parents, particularly parents of newborn babies, hooded towels is not just a luxury item that could be ignored or substituted with some other product.

What is a Hooded Towel?

A hooded towel is just that; a towel with a hood for your baby. Hooded towels are available in myriad of designs. Baby hooded towels have become the ultimate in expressing the creative spirit of the designers. From Santa Claus to Spiderman to bold stripes, there is a hooded towel design to match your baby’s mood.

Baby hooded towels are primarily used as bath towels for babies and toddlers. As long as the baby is in the water, the body is conditioned to the temperature of the water. However, as soon as the baby is taken out, the surrounding temperature begins to affect the baby. Thus it is important to immediately swaddle the baby in a warm, cozy and comfy towel to dry off.

Wouldn’t an ordinary bath towel suffice?

The answer is NO; for two reasons.

The first and the most important reason is the hood part of baby hooded towels. A custom designed hood protects the most sensitive part of the baby’s anatomy, the head, from both excessive moisture and changes in temperature. It comfortably envelops the head and makes sure that the cranium, neck and ears dry off fast.

The second reason is the ease of use of the wide part of the baby hooded towels. They are just the right size quickly wrapping the baby into a protective shell. This is a particularly important convenience that large adult size bath towel just could not provide. An adult size bath towel is too large and ungainly to be used for newborns or even toddlers for that matter.

The material of baby hooded towels matters!

An essential difference that makes hooded towels a necessity for newborns and toddlers is the material out of which they are manufactured. Parents understand that newborns have very sensitive skin that require a lot of attention and care.
The top quality baby hooded towels are made out of heavyweight terrycloth that offers the best mix of softness and quick absorbing of moisture. In contrast, bath towels for adults are usually made out of cottonterry of much lighter weight. This alone disqualifies their use for baby care. In addition, loose ends, broken fibers and rough borders could cause rash in newborns.

Hooded towels for babies are not just decoration pieces providing a cute photo op for parents. They are an essential item of baby care that provides protection and comfort to the baby. Always buy top quality baby hooded towels from reputable stores for maximum comfort for your kid.

A Great Way of Showing Your Love



First and foremost, crib blankets are comfort objects that provide psychological comfort to the newborn and toddlers. The feeling of comfort is essential for day-to-day wellbeing of the child and I now considered an important factor in psychological growth of the newborn.
For parents interested in DIY baby care items, crib blankets are a great opportunity for creative experiments in quilt making. Sure, a store bought crib blanket offers great convenience but nothing could beat the satisfaction of stitching together a war and lovely blanket for your little precious.

Because of their daily use and the security they give to the newborns, crib blankets are a popular baby gift item. Many baby care supplies vendors offer crib blankets in a huge variety of colors and designs.
What exactly is a Crib Blanket?

A crib blanket is the blanket that the baby sleeps in. It is different from other similar items because of its weight and size. Crib blankets are made out of heavier stuff and are sized to fit in a standard crib.
The most common size of a crib blanket is 36”x52”. However, different brands have their own sizes and it is not unusual to see blankets in 36”x54” and 36”x45”.
How to properly use a Crib Blanket

Many first time parents assume that a crib blanket for a newborn could be used exactly like an adult’s blanket. They make two critical mistakes that makes the newborns and toddlers uncomfortable and result in grumpy babies suffering from lack of sleep.

The first mistake is made at the store. Some stores sell crib blankets that look very attractive with cute buttons ad ribbon bows on the corners. These blankets look very pretty and first time parents often fall for their cuteness.
Anybody who has spent time with newborns and toddlers will tell you how curious they are. Soon they start picking at the buttons and ribbons and in no time, the whole design is gone.  In addition, ribbons and bows often get caught at the corners of the crib and could trigger SIDS.

The second mistake that first time parents make is during the use of crib blankets. Here is the proper step-by-step way of using the crib blanket properly.

• First of all ensure that the mattress is properly seated in the crib. This is very important as crib blankets are usually sized to just fit inside the crib.
• Cover the mattress with a crib sheet. Tuck the corners under the mattress so that the sheet fits snugly over the mattress.
• Put the baby on their back.
• Stretch out the crib blanket over the baby. Make sure that the hands of the baby are outside the blanket
• Finally, tuck the sides of the blanket between the crib and the mattress.
Care of the Crib Blankets

Like every other item for newborns, crib blankets require special attention. Wash crib blankets separately from the rest of the laundry. Use a baby safe detergent for the load and tumble dry on low heat.

Crib blankets make an excellent gift for newborns. Buy a good quality one to last through the first three years of the child.

Buy A Personalized Gift For Your Loved One



In the current epoch, the trend of giving gifts on different occasions has increased tremendously. People spend a lot of money on buying gifts for their familiars whether they are presenting them on Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, or any other occasion. You will be amazed to know that every individual wants to present something, which is unique from others and for this, they conduct a detailed research. The most amazing part is that few gift items are associated with the gender. For example, if you are planning to give a gift to any man on any day including Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or anything else, gadgets will be considered the best to present as gift. As far as girls are concern, the favorite gift items are jewelry, dresses, cosmetics, etc. However, there are certain products, which can be presented as gifts without any gender consideration. The only way to make them unique is to personalize them.
What are personalized gifts?

Personalized gifts are any other ordinary gift items, which one can purchase from the market but presents them as a gift after adding few add-ons to them. The basic purpose behind this is to customize the gift item according to the personality of the recipient. Apart from this, such gift items are also best to show that how innovative and up-to-date you are. The best thing is that after realizing the demand of personalized gift items, now retailers are also offering them. You can place an order of your choice and can get the product at affordable rates from the retailer.  There are various personalized gift items, which can be purchased from the market. However, the best one to consider without focusing on the gender of the recipient is personalized hooded towels.
Personalized hooded towels

These kinds of towels are quite in trend, nowadays, as they are affordable and facilitate in the way, which is not possible with the use of any ordinary towel. The thing that makes this towel the most demanded product is the availability of robe and towel in the same product. You can also place order for the personalized one too especially if you are interested in getting them with embroidery or any print.
Why hooded towels are best?

Hooded towels are best to purchase because of many reasons. One of the major reasons is that only these towels are capable to cover the head, which is not possible in the case of any other ordinary towel. Moreover, they are soft and a true source of brining comfort to the individuals wearing them.
Easy availability of hooded towels

Last but not the least, you can easily purchase customized hooded towels in the current era. For this, you can visit any retailer anytime. Besides this, many click companies are also offering this kind of product. You just have to search your favorite towel online in order to place an online order. With such an approach, you will get your desired product at your doorstep within few days.